Faith & Relationships Power Pack SKU: 192597

The Faith & Relationships Powerpack, a study in 1 Corinthians, serves as your companion study to the Faith Mamas Podcast Series on Faith & Relationships. Your Powerpack can be used as a stand-alone or supplemental study to help you dig deeper into God’s Word every day. 

Do you have trouble opening up in relationships?

Or struggle to understand their value?

Maybe you find yourself constantly hurt in relationships...

Tune into the Faith Mamas Podcast as we dig into the topic of Faith & Relationships. Then, take this podcast even further with our Faith & Relationships Powerpack!

This powerpack will tie-in our conversations from the podcast with an interactive bible study through the book of 1 Corinthians.

This powerpack contains:

A Bible study that is simple to complete and fits easily into your #momlife

Daily devotionals & study questions that will help you uncover God’s purpose and plan for the everyday relationships in your life.

Weekly video messages that guide you through how to apply God’s word to your current relationships, and heal from past ones in order to see positive change

This 4 week study begins April 6th!


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